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Hot Toddy Time

It seems like everyone I know is sick including myself. Alcohol is probably not the best thing to consume when your sick or mix with the meds your taking, but who cares!

Hot toddy’s make you feel warm and cozy and if you drink enough of them you will feel no pain…and go right to sleep. I decided to make myself a nice little toddy to help with the horrible cough I’m getting. Other than tequila, I don’t really stock too much of any liquor, but I had some spiced rum left over from the holiday. I added a little cinnamon, lemon juice, honey, spiced rum, and topped with boiling water.

The spiced rum hot toddy was not bad, but my favorite combo is constant comment tea (orange spice) with tequila, honey, and lime juice. Not a traditional hot toddy, but it does the trick. Try one the next time your feeling under the weather!


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