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Rhone Valley

A few weeks ago I visited the Rhone Valley for a few tours and tastings. The weather was absolutely perfect which made the trip even more amazing. We began our trip in Cote-Rotie and worked our way south. We visited a range of wineries in size and had the chance to meet with some of the wine makers adding a personal touch. On our last day we had lunch on the terrace of Chateau des Dines Roches which has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

DSC_0225DSC_0223Stephane Ogier

DSC_0230.JPGDSC_0244DSC_0251Bistrot de Serineimag2040Domaine Georges Vernayimag2087imag2115imag2118M. Chapoutierimag2126imag2166imag2185imag2208imag2214imag2275imag2298imag2220Chateau des Fines Rochesimag2226imag2237imag2241imag2239imag2246imag2249imag2265



I recently returned from a three day trip to the Cognac region. I had the chance to visit the Bureau national Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) and a selection of large and small Cognac producers. I honestly do not drink Cognac very often but have gained a great appreciation for how the spirit is made. I enjoyed the smaller producers such as Delamain and Paul Giraud and had an amazing experience at Chateau De Martell. The first day began with a presentation at the BNIC followed by lunch and two tours.BNICBNICDSC_0077unnamed

Lunch @ le Cellier followed by a tour and tasting at Martell. Ending with dinner at Chateau de Chanteloup, historic residence of Jean Martell.DSC_0102DSC_0095DSC_0106DSC_0114

 Our second day began with a visit to Tonnellerie Doreau to get a first hand look at the barrel making process. DSC_0142DSC_0132DSC_0125DSC_0147DSC_0150DSC_0152DSC_0153

unnamed-10DSC_0154unnamed-9After Delamain we attended a visit and tasting at de Luze followed by dinner at our hotel Chateau de l’Yeuse. On our last day we toured Hennessy and Paul Giraud.DSC_0168DSC_0169

Lunch @Graine et Garenne a Chateauneuf


13-A Baker’s Dozen

13-A Baleker’s Dozen is a cozy restaurant in the Saint Germain area. It’s hidden in a little courtyard so a bit difficult to find at first. It’s owned by an American expat so reservations can easily me made in English which is great for someone like myself who’s French is horrible lol. Great spot for brunch with fresh pressed juice and home made baked good. imag0908imag0910imag0917imag0922imag0918imag0925

13-A Baker’s Dozen

16 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007



My last school trip of the year was spent visiting beautiful chateaus over the course of three days in Bordeaux. We spent our days up bright and early beginning with tours of the estate, vineyard, and cellars followed by tasting. We were even lucky enough to have lunch at two lovely chateaus. We began our visits with Chateau Guiraud followed by lunch at the estate.

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Who doesn’t love champagne?! it is absolutely one of my most favorite things in the world so I was so excited when Champagne was first up on the list of class trips. During two days, we had the chance to visit six different champagne houses ranging from small to large. First up was Ulysse Collin. We were greeted by Olivier Collin and taken on a short walk to visit the Les Perrieres plot followed by a visit to the cellar where were able to taste some of the wine currently fermenting directly from the vats.

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Tour d’Argent Paris

This week I was able to visit Tour d’Argent Paris. The trip was mainly to visit the wine cellar so unfortunately I was not able to enjoy the pressed duck if you are wondering. The restaurant offers plush interiors and beautiful views of Notre Dame. Yes, this is a splurge for most, but affordable wines by the bottle are available and the friendly staff will gladly help you make a selection. Not sure if I’ll be dining here before I leave, but a girl can dream right.

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Bonjour from Paris!

I know I have been M.I.A for a while, but for good reason. I have just moved to Paris and will be here for 9 months studying Wine and Management at Le Cordon Bleu!  arrived two weeks ago and have been trying to take care of the formalities such as bank accounts and getting a working cell phone. Things have been a bit difficult, especially opening a bank account. With all the running around and settling in to my new flat, I have had a little time in between to enjoy Paris and take a few photos. Here are just a few from my first couple of weeks here. I will be back with more shortly!

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